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Welcome to Blackbeard's Ranch Store!

We are excited to offer our beef, pork and honey fresh from the ranch. We take pride in our products, pride in our animal care, and pride in our stewardship philosophy. Our inventory changes week to week. Please check back for updates to our store!

We offer delivery to homes and businesses in Sarasota and Manatee Counties every Tuesday. We also offer curbside Ranch Pickup. Pre-order on-line and pickup or purchase directly at the ranch on Fridays and Saturdays, from 9am to 1pm. Credit cards only.

Sweet Grass Beef

We are proud to introduce the Green Label, Sweet Grass Beef, raised on the grass of Miakka Prairie.

Why sweet grass beef?
Our wildflower honey lovers have been asking for grass fed beef and we have listened. In our 'Sweet Grass' name we are honoring Bertha Honore Palmer; she arrived in our area in the early 1900s and purchased land in what is now Sarasota county. She embraced cattle ranching and started the famous Palmer Ranch and Meadow Sweet Pastures Ranch. Myakka State Park now encompasses her Meadow Sweet Ranch. We pay tribute to the independent woman who loved this area, ranching and conservation. As an homage to her we are bringing you Blackbeard's Ranch Sweet Grass Beef."."

Blackbeard's Beef

Blackbeard’s Beef is Fresh from Florida USDA Prime and Choice.

Pasture raised and grain finished in Florida.

USDA inspected * Prime loins are aged 30 plus days * Frozen

We are offering whole loins of Prime, aged beef and Choice cuts and hamburger.

Beef is a commodity and prices change weekly.

Mangalitsa Pork

We are proud to have developed the Blackbeard's line of Mangalitsa Pork, known as the tastiest pork in the world. Our heritage breed pigs are all natural and pasture-raised at the ranch.. Mangalitsas are a ‘lard- type’ pig; on average 65-70% of the carcass is fat, and lean meat is only 30-35% of the carcass, compared to over 50% in modern breeds. The meat of the Mangalitsa pig is highly marbled with creamy white fat and is high in omega-3 fatty acids and natural antioxidants. Their lard is considered a delicacy; it is lighter, and melts at a lower temperature than lard from other pigs because it contains more unsaturated fat. We offer individual cuts or a scalded whole or half pig (call us for prices).


From the naturally beautiful and undeveloped Myakka Prairie comes the same native wildflower honey the Calusa’s and first explorers on La Florida called ‘liquid gold’. We are fortunate enough to have a large enough ranch to allow our raw honey to be sourced PURELY from our native habitats; our bees do not leave the ranch.

Read about our Myakka Prairie Honey

No pesticides, herbicides or chemicals touch the food sources of our bees.

From The Ranch

Delivering to Sarasota and Manatee County businesses and residences every Tuesday.

Orders delivered
Tuesdays, between 9AM and 1PM.

Orders must be received by NOON on Monday for Tuesday delivery.

Delivery Fee: $15
Minimum order for delivery: $50

Credit Card Orders Only.

Curbside Pickup
& Shopping @ The Ranch

Buy online and pickup or purchase directly at the ranch.

9am – 1pm
15800 Coker Gully Rd.
Myakka City, FL 34251

Credit Card Orders Only.

When picking up at the ranch, we ask that you stay in your car and we will bring your order to you.

To get here: Turn onto Coker Gully Road; follow the shell road a mile and a half. After passing barns and a cabin you will see a chickee hut on your right. Pull in and follow the signs. We will bring your purchase to you.

Easy and Safe
Delivery and Pick Up!

Following strict safety protocols due to Covid 19 concerns, we will be accepting credit card orders only (no cash).

Blackbeard’s Ranch is Certified by Florida Department of Agriculture.