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Blackbeard’s Beef

Blackbeard’s Beef is Fresh from Florida USDA Prime and Choice and is locally produced under strict protocols for humane treatment and health, and are adapted to Florida’s climate. Pasture raised and grain finished. Born, raised and cared for in Florida.

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Products From The Ranch

Miakka Mangalitsa Pork

We are proud to have developed the Blackbeard’s line of Mangalitsa Pork, the best in the world. Mangalitsa’s are a heritage breed; our stock comes from Hungary and Austria. Animal care is critical to us; our pigs are free range and forage to their heart’s content while being raised in an environmentally sound fashion. We raise purebred Mangalitsa’s and Mangalitsa-Hereford cross.

Products From The Ranch


Miakka Prairie Honey

From the naturally beautiful and undeveloped Myakka Prairie comes the same native wildflower honey the Calusa’s and first explorers on La Florida called ‘liquid gold’. We are fortunate enough to have a large enough ranch to allow our raw honey to be sourced PURELY from our native habitats; our bees do not leave the ranch.
No pesticides, herbicides or chemicals touch the food sources of our bees.

Products From The Ranch

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Fresh from the Ranch

We are first and foremost a cattle operation. We’ve had a curiosity to see if we can develop a line of delicious products compatible with a stewardship ethic that guides everything we do. Plus we like good food.

Blackbeard’s Mission

Land Stewardship

As caretakers of the land, we have both the privilege and the obligation to protect the habitat and wildlife on our ranchlands. We are responsible land stewards; we manage our land to ensure high-quality habitat for wildlife while a running a productive cattle operation.

Blackbeard’s Mission

Community Outreach

Cattle ranching is a vital part of Florida’s economy, history and critical for Florida’s water and wildlife. Part of our mission is to bring people from the agricultural and conservation community together to collaborate on how to maintain ranching as a profitable and sustainable industry in Florida.

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